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dc 21. Nov.

21/11/2018 de 11:15 a 12:45
Sala Multimèdia - Edifici B3 - Campus Nord

Tor is an important tool providing privacy and anonymity online. The property of anonymity itself is more than just providing an encrypted connection between the source and the destination of a given conversation. There is in fact a lot of information that can still be learned by just observing encrypted communications.

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dc 14. Nov.

14/11/2018 de 12:15 a 13:15
Aula de Teleensenyament. Edifici B3.

In this talk, Jordi de los Pinos, proud UPC alumn (ETSETB 93) and founder and CEO of Barcelona based Smadex (one of the worlds most advanced mobile advertising technology companies, recently sold to Entravision Corpooration in the USA). He will explain how Machine Learning plays a key role in his company, and how it is at the core of the next growth phase for Smadex and Entravision.

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dl 12. Nov.

12/11/2018 11:00 a 16/11/2018 16:00
Campus Nord UPC

Student participation is done by registration and has to be accepted by the company. Prepare your CV. Go to registration page. Select the companies you are interested in. Fill the form with your CV. Wait for your admission.

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dc 7. Nov.

07/11/2018 de 12:00 a 13:30
Room A2103

Engineers from the company MPS will be visiting UPC Campus Nord on 7th of November, to present their new design center in Barcelona

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dc 7. Nov.

07/11/2018 de 12:00 a 15:00

“¿Preparado para competir en un mundo de #RealidadVirtual? Te esperamos en #everisGameDay, donde probarás en primicia nuestro videojuego de #VR