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Seminars for masters MATT, MET and MEE

General information

Seminars are short intensive courses of 2,5 ECTS credits. This represents 62,5 hours of work load for the student which include 20 hours of class.

Seminars take place after exams period on late January or late June and they are counted as elective courses.

Courses are taught in English.

Students are  allowed  to register  only  one seminar per semester



Conferences and short courses

Quite often, visiting professors, researchers, entrepreneurs or other relevant people offer conferences or short courses, also, from time to time, the ETSETB organize interesting activities. All of them very worth for our master students. These seminars are a way to collect these activities and make them count as a part of our students academic curriculum.

Therefore, each of these activities taken by master students, will be registered in the academic office. When a student reaches the number of hours of activities required for each seminar, he or she can recognize them enrolling these seminars as an elective subject. These seminars can only be enrolled once.




Ordinary period: Seminars are to be enroled in the normal enrolment period, together with the rest of the subjects of the semester.

Extraordinary period : Students that wish to do a seminar and haven't enroled it in time, may request to be enroled in an additional period, if there are places left. In this case, the student, as well as the price of the seminar, will have to pay an additional fee for enrolment after the deadline.

The seminars with available places in the additional enrolment period are the following:

  • TBA

Extraordinary Enrolment Deadlines:

    • Request: TBA
    • Resolution: TBA

Process to enrol in additional period (payment of additional fees):

Enter https://esecretaria.upc.edu and choose Procedures > request > enrolment.

Only requests made this way will be taken into account. The links will not be available before this period.

The places will be granted by order of request.

The answer to your request will be available at esecretaria.upc.edu (Procedures > Request > Enrolment) and, once accepted, you should check that enrollment is ok at Enrolment > Current enrolment.

Pay the price of the credits and the additional fees (27,27€) for enrolment after the deadline  at Forms and payments.

Note that the cost of these credits is not covered by scholarships.