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Who are we?

José Antonio Lázaro, Vice Dean of International Relations

Place: Building B3, 2nd floor, office 202b

Vice Dean office hours

Students Mobility

If you are a student, contact us through here:

Cindrela Sambró
Administrative Officer and contact person

Phone: +34 93 401 19 78
E-mail: students.mobility@etsetb.upc.edu
Place: Building B3 - Ground floor - office 001 - Academic Office

Prior appointment for face-to-face consultation: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/0/selfsched?sstoken=UUd3eWtubEVPaThlfGRlZmF1bHR8ZDZhNGYyOTliZjE3MGQ5NTk2YjY1MmRiZjkwZjU2NmY

During September, face-to-face consultation at the academic office is especially meant for incoming students who submit their documents. In case you don't need to bring or collect any original document, please contact by email or telephone.

Easter, Christmas & August: Closed


Institutional Mobility

If you are an university and/or a partner, contact us through here:

Juan Carlos Flores
Administrative Officer and contact person

Place: Building B3 - 1st floor - office 101 - External Relations Area
Phone: +34 93 401 68 04