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Grants and mobility scholarships

Map and Calendar

To consult the deadlines for submitting applications for scholarships or mobility grants, as well as the opening of some scholarships calls, consult the MOBILITY CALENDAR.

In this MAP you can consult by continent (or subcontinent), country or institution the programs of scholarship or mobility grants that you can opt for if you want to make a mobility stay:



There are grants for the realization of studies and company internships in Institutions of Superior Education, Research Centers or companies. The assigned monthly amount is based on the country of destination, and is financed up to a maximum of 7 months for studies and 3 months for internships.

More information on participating countries, amount of grants and calls:

Mobility Erasmus + KA103 (web Service of Academic Management - SGA). European countries


Mobility Erasmus+ KA107 (web Service of Academic Management - SGA). Non European countries (some universities)


Grant for students with special educational needs

Complementary Information:

European Commission - Economic aid to study abroad

You must consider:

There are two different Erasmus+ grants, according to the kind of stay:

  • Erasmus+ studies
  • Erasmus+ traineeship

You will find information about these kinds of stays and the corresponding grants at: Procedure (under procedures before leaving > kinds of stays).

UPC-Europe Program: This kind of mobility studies has no associated Eramus + financial aid. It is intended for the second year of double degree, or for countries that are not part of the Erasmus + Program. More information

UPC-Company Program: The students that go a to company internship with this program receive a remuneration from the same company or in case of being a European company, they could opt for the Eramus+ Internships aid. More Information

Mobint AGAUR

Mobint AGAUR are grants for students of Catalan universities who have been selected for an academic stay of international mobility, in order to contribute to the financing of the expenses involved in carrying out studies in other countries.

Two types of aid are defined:

  • Modality A: academic stay, with academic recognition, within the framework of the ERASMUS program, aimed to students of Catalan universities. This modality is reserved to the countries of the program.

  • Modality B: academic stay, with academic recognition, within the framework of international mobility programs, aimed to students of Catalan universities.

More Information

European Funding Guide

For stays in Europe, the European Funding Guide offers scholarships and other financing grants. Thier database automatically selects the scholarships that fit best with each student's curriculum so the student can quickly and freely find financial help. This is the largest web portal in Europe, with more than 12,000 scholarships, funding and prizes worth 27 million euros. 1,100 of the scholarships are specifically aimed at university students in Spain.

Obra Social "La Caixa"

Scholarships for postgraduate studies abroad are offered: universities in Europe, North America (USA and Canada), and in the Asian-Pacific area (Australia, South Korea, India, Japan, Singapore , China and Hong Kong).

Postgraduate studies in Europe

Postgraduate studies in North America and Asia-Pacific

Faro program

FARO is a program promoted and funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain, whose objective is to promote the mobility of students within the last courses of Spanish universities through the implementation of quality training practices for companies located in Europe, USA and Canada, and Spanish or multinational companies in Asia and Oceania. More information

Erasmus Mundus

Within this framework there are programs for mobility stays of 6 or 10 months, for both bachelor's degrees and master's and PhD studies, in different countries of the world:

Eranet Plus. Project coordinated by the University of Barcelona that allows stays of 6 or 10 months for bachelor's degree, master's, PhD and postdoctorate students in one of the Russian universities of the Eranet-Plus network. More Information

AREAS+. Project coordinated by the Politecnico di Torino that allows for mobility stays or complete studies for undergraduate, master's, PhD and postdoctoral students in Southeast Asian universities that are part of the AREAS + network: Cambodia, India, Indonesia , Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam. More Information

More scholarship/grants/ programs sort by COUNTRIES/ REGIONS/CONTINENTS


The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)(open in new window) offers several scholarship programs to study and research in Germany. They also announce scholarships from other institutions on their website.



The Tourist Office of Belgium: Flanders and Brussels in Spain organizes each year the "Erasmus in Flanders Correspondent " project, through which 10 Spanish students share their experiences, suggestions, photos, etc., during thier stay in Flanders, through the blog and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and You Tube.

Each Spanish student who will take an Erasmus semester at a university in Flanders is invited to submit his candidacy to become an Erasmus Correspondent of VISITFLANDERS, Tourism in Belgium: Flanders and Brussels, and obtain a scholarship of 700 Euros per month.

The blog's objective is to inform and motivate young people to travel to Flanders, through the experiences of a Spanish Correspondent in situ. Tourism in Belgium: Flanders and Brussels offers a scholarship of 3,500 euros to each of the students who will serve as Correspondent for 5 months, and 1400 euros to students who will be correspondents during the 2 months of summer.


More Information:


In France you can obtain financial support for the accommodation (Allocation of social property logging - ALS). This allows a subsidy of approximately 40% of its cost (from the second month).

Information about the accommodation:

The Avenir scholarship program was created by the French Embassy in Spain, a group of French and Spanish collaborating companies, and French higher education and excellence centers.
Avenir Scholarships offers excellence scholarships, aimed at young Spaniards who wish to study for a year or practice in France.

More information:

AGAUR summons grants aimed at university students who hold a stay in a French higher education center within the territory of the Pyrenees-Mediterranean Euroregion (includes the French regions of the Central Pyrenees and Languedoc-Roussillon). The aid is fixed with amount of 600 euros. It is compatible with the MOBINT grant.

More information:

Each academic year, the Norwegian Government offers, through the Research Council of Norway, a series of scholarships for advanced students and young researchers. Scholarships are open to all areas of research and academic studies and their duration is a maximum of one academic year. More information

Other information sources about scholarships and exchange programs:
Lanekassen - Financial support for foreign students
Noruega - The official portal in Spain

Switzerland - CERN

The CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) is the largest research laboratory on particle physics in the world. This center offers different programs to hire students in internships, recently graduated or with a brief experience. Consult the scholarships or programs offered on the web pages of the Academic Management Service of the UPC or the CERN.

Switzerland - Swiss-European Mobility Program

Switzerland will not participate in the Erasmus + 2017-2020 program, however, in order to ensure the continuity of mobility within this framework, the Swiss-European Mobility Program (SEMP) is launched.

The characteristics of this program are:

  • The studies mobilities will be based on interinstitutional agreements between Switzerland and the Higher Education institutions that have the Erasmus + letter.
  • Swiss higher education institutions can apply for the scholarship for incoming students (students from European countries of the program that go to Switzerland) and for outgoing students who make mobility with a country of the Erasmus + program.
  • Swiss Higher Education institutions will pay grants for incoming mobility directly to the beneficiaries.
  • The scholarships will be available for mobility studies (SMS) and for internships (SMTD). Internship mobility for Switzerland will only be awarded if it is coordinated by a Swiss Higher Education Institution.

Consult the website of the Swiss-European Mobility Programe (SEMP), where you will find information on the terms, documentation and characteristics of the scholarships for this program.

[Source: Website UPC Academic Management Service]

Europe - European Space Agency (ESA)

The European Space Agency (ESA) offers the following programs aimed at university students:

  • Spin Your Thesis! Offers to bachelor's degree and master's students the opportunity to develop scientific or technological research on the conditions of hypergravity at the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) a Noordwijk, Netherlands.
  • Drop Your Thesis! Offers undergraduate and master's degrees the opportunity to conduct scientific or technological research on the conditions of microgravity at the ZARM Drop Tower in Bremen, Germany.
  • REXUS/BEXUS These programs are offered in collaboration with the Swedish National Space Board (SNSB) and the German Aerospace Center (DLR). The REXUS and BEXUS programs offer students the opportunity to carry out experiments with sounding rockets (REXUS) and stratospheric globes (BEXUS). Each flight carries a useful payload that consists solely of the experiments of the students. Both REXUS and BEXUS are launched from the Esrange Space Center (SSC) a l, Sweden.

or any additional information or inquiries about the program, contact us by email at en una finestra nova), en una finestra nova) or en una finestra nova), respectively.

Latin America - Santander Ibero-American Universities Scholarships Program for Bachelor's Degree Students

It aims to promote the mobility of bachelor's students to go, during a semester or a whole course, at one of the Latin American institutions participating in the program.

More information (SGA web) (consult section Announcement of the course that applies)

Latin America - CINDA Program

The Interuniversity Development Center (CINDA) promotes mobility to universities in Latin America that belong to the CINDA network of universities. Consult here the list of member universities of CINDA.

More information on the GRIE website and on the CINDA network web page.

Latin America - SMILE-Magalhães

The Magalhães network is a consortium of universities in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean created to promote and support the exchange between students and graduates of these centers. Within the Magalhães network, the SMILE project is an exchange program for university students with academic recognition. Check here the list of member universities of Magalhães.

More information on the GRIE websitend on the web page of the Magalhães network.


On the LAE Spain website, specialized in international education, there is information about the scholarships available to take bacherlor's degree or postgraduate courses in different Australian universities.

USA - Balsells Generalitat de Catalunya Program

The Balsells scholarship program offers funding for students wishing to carry out the Bachelor's Thesis or Master's Thesis, and / or master's or PhD studies at the following US universities: University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado University in Colorado Springs, and University of California in Irvine, CA.

More information:

Detailed information: SGA web page

University of Colorado Colorado Springs

University of Colorado Boulder:

University California Irvine:

USA - Fulbright Scholarships

The Fulbright program offers scholarships to pursue postgraduate studies in US universities in any discipline. Grants include: enrollment, travel, purchase of books and materials, maintenance, and medical and accident insurance. More information ("Extension of studies" Call)

Japan - Vulcanus program

The Vulcanus program allows students of the European Union to spend a year in Japan under the following conditions:

  • A one-week seminar on Japan
  • 4 months of intensive Japanese courses
  • 8 months internship in a Japanese company

At present, the grant given is about 16,000 euros (1,900,000 yen) and the accommodation is free.

For more information, check the official website of the program.

Japan - Scholarships National Institute of Informatics of Tokyo (NII)

These Grants are aimed at students of Master's and PhD. Stay between 2 and 6 months, which must begin between June of one year and March of the following year and with the aim of a research stay. The amount of the scholarships is around 171,000 yen (1 400 euros approx.) monthly plus the accidents insurance.

There are usually two calls per academic year: the first is published in March-April and the second is published in September-October. If applying in the first period, the stay can begin between June and March, and if applying in the second period, the stay can begin between December and March. The duration of the stay goes from 60 to 180 days (including trips).

New Zealand - "Dream New" Scholarships

The European Funding Guide offers a new scholarship program: the "Dream NEW" scholarship. The "Dream NEW" scholarship helps those students who have an open attitude, want to experience adventures and are prepared to realize their dreams. A total of 8 scholarships are awarded, the value of which amounts to € 60,000. Each scholarship allows you to study one semester in one of the eight universities in New Zealand. More information

Singapore - A*STAR

The Singapore International Pre-Graduate Award (SIPGA) is aimed at students of the latest bachelor's degree or master's degree courses that want to develop research work on the A * STAR (Agency for Science, Technology and Research). The SIPGA is aimed at students with good academic record. More information

Singapore - Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

The Summer Research Internship (SRI) Program is offered from the NTU, which provides grants for bachelor’s degree students who wish to do research at this university. More information

China - China Scholarship Council (CSC)

The Chinese Ministry of Education through the CSC summons scholarships to study master's and PhD programs. More information

Other countries

Consult the UPC International Relations and Business Bureau web page for more information on programs, grants and scholarships available, filtered by continent / country: Programs and grants sort by CONTINENTS / COUNTRIES

Other Scholarships/grants

UPC International Relations and Business Bureau

Mobility of students

Last minute grant /scholarships news

Servei de Gestió Acadèmica de la UPC

International mobility

Scholarships, study grants and loans

EUROPA Scholarships - Fundació Ciutat de Valls

The Ciutat de Valls Foundation annually grants scholarships for university students residing in one of the Alt Camp municipalities, that certify the granting of an academic stay, with academic recognition, in any foreign university, within the framework of international mobility programs , with the exception of students who have been beneficiaries of these scholarships in some previous year. The studies of PhD, unyversity extension and non-univertity master's degree programs are excluded.

More information

Useful resources

Information Portal for UPC students: Scholarships and grants

Scholarships for study and mobility of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports

Grants from the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation This website also offers information on the current situation in the country where you want to travel, and the recommendations to travel there or not in the case of countries in conflict (Put the name of the country in the Search engine of the web page)

Aid and subsidies from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation

Universia Foundation – Scholarships portal

StudyPortals - Scholarshipportal

If you find out about other possibilities to get financing aid, do not hesitate to tell us so we can update this section.