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Calendar place in a university of our offer. 2020-2021 (Autumn and Spring)

Request pre-allocation by student
01/12/19 31/01/2020
Pre-allocation decision by ETSETB
14/02/2020 14/02/2020
Acceptation or rejection by student
15/02/2020 21/02/20
Change of destination or out of time request (visit the Vice Dean of International Affairs) One week after the pre-allocation period is finished. Far before the deadline of the period of application to the host university
Application and admission at the host university
(according to the host university procedure)
Within the host university deadlines. Different in autumn and spring.
Approx dates of fall stay by default
(you can ask us to change them)
Beginning September Beginning March
Approx dates of spring stay by default
(you can ask us to change them)

Beginning February

End July


Calendar place in a company of our offer. 2020-2021 (autumn and spring)

Send request documents by student ( 19/11/2019 17/01/2020.
Forward documents to company by ETSETB As they arrived to ETSETB
Admission by the company Depending on the company. If you don't receive it near the deadline to request for a university, we recommend you to do the request for university place.