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Documents before leaving

Request for Erasmus grant

When: Within the deadline of the call ( Make sure first if  your stay will be Erasmus studies or Erasmus traineeship.

How: First make the request via the Seu electrònica de la UPC. Then upload the receipt at > mobility stay > documents.

Bank account and language test: As well as all the requested documents you will need to:

  • In case you request for a scholarship Erasmus Studies, make sure you enrol at ETSETB (corresponding to courses at the host universeity) the minimum credits established at the call.
  • Make sure we have a valid SEPA order. Check at e-secretaria > My Details > "Bank account associated with the SEPA payment order". If there is a valid account there, that means you have once submitted the SEPA order document. Don't submit it again. If not, you will have to submit the SEPA order at ETSETB ( SEPA order) at that site. This account is not the account where you will receive the scholarship, but the one we will use to charge you an import in case you have to return part of the money of the scholarship.
  • Fill in the details of the bank account where you wish to receive the scholarship, at > Mobility stay. This account does not need to be the same as the one of the SEPA order.
  • Do the online language test


Request for other grants

There are more grants that you can request, to different agencies. Some of them are:

Find more information at: Grants and mobility scholarships.


Admission document or email from the host institution with the initial and end dates of the stay

When: When you are accepted to the host institution.

How: By e-mail to 


Learning agreement. Section  "before the mobility".

When: It has to be signed by the three parts at latest one week before your leaving and, in all cases, before your enrolment. In stays for studies, you'd better manage your signature and ours first, during the application period, and then the signature of the host university within the period above. If there are changes later on, the learning agreement modification must be signed, within the deadline (see documents during the stay).

How: Scan to completed and signed at least by you during the application period. Obtain the three signatures and upload it, when completed, at > mobility stay > documentation.

Model acording to kind of stay:


Instructions to fill it in

You will find them at:

  • Stays for studies.. The way to fill it in is the same for Erasmus and non Erasmus. Only the model differs.
  • Stays for traineeship. The way to fill it in is the same for Erasmus and non Erasmus. Only the model differs.


Precommitment/authorisation (together with learning agreement)

When: Before July in the Fall semester and before January in the Spring semester. In any case, before leaving. This document can be modified later on, within the deadline (see documents during the stay). The deadline is the same as for the modification of the learning agreement)

How. Scan to . Only signed by you.


Instructions inside the form.


Financial agreement or credential DIGITALLY signed by the student

When: At latest one week before leaving.

How: Digitally signed. See section 4 of the procedure. Send it to .

Where to find the document

  • Erasmus stays. Financial agreement. Issue from (Mobility stay > Documentation) and send it to us digitally signed.
  • Non Erasmus stays. Credential. We will issue once we know the approximate dates of your stay. Send it to us digitally signed.


Document about the thesis' supervisors. Final Thesis or optional credits for traineeship


When: As soon as you know the complete name and email of the supervisor of the host institution. For final thesis, this document is needed if, on ETSETB Intranet assignation of the thesis, the ETSETB thesis supervisor ignored some detail, as the complete name of the host supervisor.

How: Signed by the ETSETB supervisor. Scan to 

Model: Document about the thesis' supervisors


Compulsory exchange insurance.

When: Before leaving


1. If you enrol before leaving (and your destination is not USA or Canada). You will pay the insurance within the enrolment. Then don't upload any insurance document at your e-secretaria. A few days after enrolment the corresponding insurance item will disappear from there.

2. If you leave before enrolment period (or your destination is USA or Canada):

    • Hire the insurance through Oncampus web (
    • Upload at your e-secretaria the pdf with the detail of your coverages, which you will be able to download from OnCampus website. The site to upload the pdf is: > mobility stay > documentation.
    • Send an e-mail to  after uploading the document. We will confirm it, so that you are not charged the insurance again when enrolling.

Insurance details:


ETSETB enrolment

How: Via e-secretaria. You  have to do the previous steps before, which are explained at the following links, depending on the activity you are going to do at the host institution:

When: Before leaving, within the enrolment calendar (Calendari de tràmits de gestió acadèmica).

If the enrolment period takes place before the the beginning of your stay, read the section about insurance in this page (the insurance and the learning agreement must be completed ALWAYS BEFORE leaving).

Remember you have to do the steps previous to enrolment, mentioned above.