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Documents during the stay


Certificate of arrival

How: Upload at > Mobiliity stay > documentation, signed and stamped by the host institution.

When: On your arrival to the host institution.

Model: Find at > Mobiliity stay > documentation.


Modification of the learning agreement (if you make any change in the initial learning agreement)

How: Scan to, signed by you and the host institution.

When: during the first month of the semester.



Extension of stay (if needed)

How: Via theSeu Electrònica de la UPC ( en una finestra nova)).

When: At latest one month before the expected end that you can see at >estada de mobilitat.


  • Modification of the learning agreement
  • letter/e-mail of the host institution accepting the extension

Find the whole procedure here:


Recognition of 3 credits for university extension (only for bachelor students)

How: Scan to, signed and stamped by the host institution.


  • ETSETB bachelors performing TFG: You must send us the document within the deadline for the recognition of credits for university extension. Nevertheless, if you have an Erasmus studies stay, you must inform us before leaving that you will recognise these credits.
  • GCED. You will be able to recognise the credits, after we receive the transcript of records at the end of your mobility, and according to the percentage of credits passed.

Model: Document for 3 mobility credits

To have in mind:

  • The students of all bachelors can recognise up to 3 ECTS for university extension for semester. Remember that the maximum number of credits for university extention is 6.
  • If you request for the Erasmus studies grant, you will see that the number of credits you are required to enrol (corresponding to activities performed abroad) is lower if they are the last credits of your study plan, which would mean you enrol all your remaining credits in the mobility modality. Since the 3 mobility credits will not appear at your file until you recognise them, if you need them not to be considered as pending for the grant requirements, you will have to inform us before leaving that you will recognise them.


Final report and other written work of the student (Final thesis or traineeship elective credits)

In case you perform the final thesis or traineeship elective credits, you have to submit the written work (Work proposal, Critical Analysis, final report, etc), in the way described at: