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Erasmus Stays for Traineeship

What is a stay for traineeship?

The traineeship is a stay where (unlike the stay for studies) you don't enrol anything at the host institution. Only at UPC.

If you are accepted to do a thesis abroad, in a company or a university that does not belong to our ETSETB offer, this is the stay you must have.

There are also universities that belong to our offer but don't have a course with credits corresponding to the final thesis, and that have a procedure to do it in the traineeship modality. In these cases, once we have pre-assigned a place to this university, you can follow the procedure to go as a trainee; in this case, you are not allowed to do any coures at tht host university.

Requirements of a traineeship stay (maximum of hours, etc)

You must meet the academic requirements for the traineeship stays and the maximum hours allowed between national and international traineeships (see the information at the section "requirements", within the following website:

What is an Erasmus stay?

Erasmus stays take place in one of the countries that participate in the Erasmus project. Find the information here: This kind of stays give right to the Erasmus scholarship. The Erasmus scholarship you must request and the requirements you must meet in order to have this scholarship depends on whether your stay is for studies or for traineeship.

Erasmus traineeship grant (2021-2022 call)

Here you have all the information about the call and the way and deadlines to do the request: Convocatòria Erasmus pràctiques 2020-2021. The most important is:

  • Maximum duration: The maximum duration among all the Erasmus stays you may have is 360 days; however, for one enrolment, it will be much less, since you must respect the period of validity of the UPC enrolment for the final thesis or the elective credits for traineeship.
  • If the traineeship is curricular (final thesis or elective credits for traineeship), the grant will be for the whole stay; if not, it will be of maximum 3 months.
  • You must submit to the UPC, within deadlines and in the required way, all the documents detailed at:

Study plan of a traineeship

How to fill in the learning agreement for traineeships (training agreement)

The model of the learning agreement is at Documents before leaving. Select the one for the traineeship stay (Erasmus or non Erasmus, depending on your case). The document is partially completed with the ETSETB details.

You will see there are 2 parts: Before the mobility and After the mobility. Complete only the section Before the mobility.

For the "field of education", in first page, here you have the codes of our education fields:

  • 0714 (Electronics and Automation)
  • 061 (per ICT’s)
  • 053 (Física i Fotònica)

For "level of studies", write: if you are studying bachelor: EQF level 6 (bachelor); if you are studying master: EQF level 7 (master).

Table A) Write the contents and duration in hours of your work. You can have help from your host supervisor or your ETSETB supervisor. It should be a minimum of 30 hours/credit.

Table B) If you are going to do final thesis or elective credits for traineeship, select 1 (embedded in the curriculum). If you are not going to obtain any credit for your work, then select 2 (voluntary traineeship). In this case, although you won't enrol any credit at UPC, you will have to make an enrolment anyway, and pay the enrolment fees and the mandatory insurance for mobility.

If you perform your final thesis or optional credits for traineeship:

If you perform a non curricular traineeship: