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Master's thesis /Bachelor's thesis in Mobility

Studies or Traineeship (concept different to the elective credits for traineeship)

You can perform the final thesis either in a stay for studies or in a stay for traineeship. Broadly speaking, if your stay is for studies, you have to enrol the final thesis both at UPC and at the host university (at host instituion there must be credits assigned to it), and if your stay is for traineeship, you don't enrol anything at the institution.

In the stays for studies, defence is usually made in the host university and in traineeships, you must mandatorily defend at ETSETB. However, in both cases you will need an ETSETB evaluation board, who will consider, on the one hand, the host assessment documents and on the other hand, both your written work and your oral defence. If your oral defence is made at the host university (stays for studies), they will assess the part of the oral defence according to the grade of the host university (it must be clear that you have defended). The assessment documents in both cases are shown in detail at the part "before returning"


What to do before leaving

Obtain a destination (University/ Company)

Search for 2 supervisors: one at ETSETB and one at DESTINATION.

The supervisor of your thesis at ETSETB will have to:

    • Assign you the thesis through the ETSETB Intranet, so that you can enrol it afterwards.
    • Validate the documents you have to upload at the ETSETB Intranet when you do the deposit (final report, etc)
    • Only for bachelors: fill in the supervisor evaluation report at the ETSETB Intranet, considering the host assessment documents and the written work of the student submitted at the ETSETB Intranet.

The supervisor of your thesis at the host institution will have to:

    • Monitor your work in the host institution.
    • Send to, before the ETSETB assessment period, the assesment documents explained at the section "what to do before returning" of this page.

Ask your ETSETB thesis supervisor to assign you the Thesis offer through the ETSETB Intranet. ( Docència > Ofertes de TFG/TFM)

  • Co-advisor. Your ETSETB thesis supervisor has to identify themselves at the system as a "co-advisor" and fill in the fields of the host "co-advisor", which are mandatory. In case some mandatory details are unknown, fill them in as "to be determined"; in this case, we will need you to send us the document about the thesis supervisors, as explained below, so that we can have these details.
  • Title. It can be provisional; if during the performance of the thesis, the title changes, let it know to (bachelor) or (master), so that we change ist at the system.
  • Hours per week,. You can consider your the duration of your mobility and that each credit is approximately 30 hours .

Accept the above offer at the same site of ETSETB Intranet

Send us the mobility documents detailed at Documents before leaving (remember that the learning agreement is different depending whether your stay is for studies or traineeship, Erasmus or non Erasmus).

Enrol the thesis through e-secretaria within the periods of ETSETB enrolment. If you must begin the stay before the enrolment period, hire the OnCampus insurance before leaving and have the document confirmed at e-secretaria before your enrolment, as stated at Documents before leaving


What to do during the stay

Send us the document about the thesis' supervisors, in case that on the assigning to you the offer at ETSETB Intranet, any of these details was unknown: title, complete name and email of the supervisor at host institution. The model must be signed by your ETSETB thesis supervisor and is this one: document about the thesis' supervisors

Initiate the actions for the assignation of your ETSETB evaluation board (within ETSETB deadlines)
Both if you defend at ETSETB or at the host university, you need to have an ETSETB evaluation board, who will assess both your written work and your oral defence; in case you do not defend at ETSETB, they will consider the grade of your oral defence at the host university to qualify this aspect. The actions you must do to have an ETSETB evaluation board assigned and the deadlines to do so are at the following links:

Make the deposit at ETSETB Intranet ( Acadèmica > Dipòsit de TFG/TFM): files, bibliographic details and mobility questionnaire. To validate by the thesis ETSETB supervisor. The explanation on how to do the diposit, according to your study plan, is at:

Send us the mobility documents detailed at Documents during the stay (remember that the modification of the learning agreement, in case you need it, is different depending on if your stay is for studies or traineeship and Erasmus or non Erasmus).

What to do before returning (within ETSETB deadlines)


If you defend at ETSETB (this is always the case for traineeships). You will need:

* Possibility to defend online. In exceptional cases, the mobility students may request the defence online. In these cases, the student has to send us a justified request to

If you DO NOT defend at ETSETB (only stays of studies in which the student defends at host university). You will need:

  • Supervisor's assessment (Word version) (Pdf version). Within the ETSETB deadlines, your host thesis supervisor has to send it signed to . At this document there must be: your dedication in ECTS credits (at least the number of credits of your thesis at ETSETB) and the grade at the section for the students who have made a public defense. The deadlines, according to your study plan, are at :
  • Official document with the grade. Within  the ETSETB deadlines, we have to receive this document in one of the two formats specified below. The ETSETB evaluation board will consider this grade in order to assess your oral defense. The deadlines, according to your study plan, are at : The two formats of the document are the following:
    • Either the transcript of records signed and stamped, which has to be original, or with an official digital signature, or with verification code, or directly sent by the host university to , with stamp and signature.
    • Or the Lecture certificate (BachelorMaster). This document has to meet two requirements so that we can accept it: 1. It must be sent directly by your host supervisor to  and 2. It must have a logo or a stamp of the host university as well as the supervisor's signature.
  • Diposit at the ETSETB Intranet of your written documents (final report, bibliographic details, mobility questionnaire, etc), which will also be considered by the  ETSETB evaluation board for the assessment. The deadlines and the explanation on how to do the diposit is to be found, according to your study plan, at:
  • Mobility documents (certificate of attendance, etc): Documents before returning.