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Non Erasmus Traineeship

Apart from the different ways to obtain the mobility destination, explained at  procedure, you must know which kind of stay you will have, in order to fill in the correct learning agreement. You also need to know it in order to do the correct application to the host university, after you have been pre-assigned a place through e-secretaria  (in case you go to a university of the ETSETB offer). Down below there is the explanation of the Non Erasmus stays for Traineeship.


What is a Non Erasmus Stay?

A Non Erasmus Stay is a stay performed outside Europe or any of the universities of the project Erasmus KA107. Information here:

They can also be stays outside Europe, when the student cannot go as Erasmus,  either because the European university is private or because the stay is longer than allowed in the Erasmus framework. In the second case, stays are divided into semesters, so that the Erasmus semesters are those where the student enrols the required credits to receive the Erasmus grant (double degree).

The non Erasmus stays have different names: UPC Europa, UPC USA, UPC Món, UPC Xina, etc.


What is a non Erasmus Traineeship?

The Traineeship stays, as well as the requirements you must meet and the way to fill in the documents of your study plan if your stay is a traineeship (training agreement) are explained at the following link:

The only differences with the stay at the link (which is Erasmus) are:

  • There is no Erasmus grant.
  • You don't need to do the language initial and final Erasmus test (OLS) and you don't need to do the Erasmus survey at the end of the stay.
  • The follwoing models you must submit at UPC have one only difference in the logo:
    • Learning agreement (no Erasmus+ logo)
    • Certificate of arrival (no Erasmus+ logo)
    • Certificate of attendance (no Erasmus+ logo)
  • Instead of submitting at UPC a financial agreement signed by you, you will have to sign the credential.

The rest of the documents are the same as for Erasmus stays for traineeship.

See the documents to submit at UPC (once you have obtained the place) at: