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Request place at a University


1. Request for pre-assignation through e-secretaria

Make the request through e-secretaria, within the deadlines of our calendar:

Accept or reject the place pre-assigned by ETSETB, within the deadline of our calendar.

  • The decision to your request will be informed through the e-secretaria, according to the calendar
  • Accept or reject the pre-assigned place through e-secretaria, within the deadline of the calendar.

Apply to the host university, whithin the deadlines of the host university and according to their procedure.


2. Apply to host university

After the pre-assignation process (above) is finished, you must apply to the host university, within their deadlines and procedure:

  • If you are going to perform the final thesis, see the information below about the final thesis, before you begin the application process and before selecting the learning agreement to fill in.
  • Have in mind the deadlines and documents required by the host university. You will find the information at the website of the host university (normally at the item application).
  • Find here the information they may ask you about the ETSETB in the application process (Institutional Coordinator, Department coordinator, contact person, etc): details for the application.
  • If you need a transcript of records, request for an ECTS transcript in English at > certificats. You can collect it whent you see it is pending to collect at > requests > my requests.
  • If you need us to sign any document, send it completed to or submit it at our academic office. You wil have it signed in 3 working days.
  • The learning agreement is at Documents before leaving. If you ask for an Erasmus grant, maybe you need a new learning agreement when the Erasmus call is published, since the model may change a little from one year to the other. Nevertheless, the contents is the same and depends only on the kind of stay you will do.

If you perform your final thesis:

  • Find a thesis and a supervisor at the host university. This will help you to have an approximate idea of your date of arrival (necessary information for the application form) and to do the request for accommodation. You can do this in different ways:
    • Either through the responsible ETSETB professor at the host university (Universities offer)
    • Or entering the page of the host university and searching through the departments.
    • Or seeing examples of thesis that have been performed in previous years at the host university (examples of universities), where you can see the student author of the thesis and the supervisor of the thesis both in the host university and in ETSETB.
  • See if you have to go for studies or traineeship. Check if there is a subject with credits that you can enrol at the host university (as well as at UPC). In this case you can go for studies. If there isn't, you'd better go for traineeship, provided you have that possibility at the host university without losing the rights of the student's status (accommodation, etc). In case you go as a trainee, you won't be allowed to do courses as well as the thesis. Please see the different kind o f stays at the procedure.