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We celebrate at the ETSETB the 'Girls in ICT Day 2021' - April 22

We celebrate at the ETSETB the 'Girls in ICT Day 2021' - April 22

Girls in ICT Day is an initiative which aim is to create a global environment that empowers and encourages young girls and women to choose university studies in engineering in the area of Information Technology and Telecommunications (ICT), which it will allow technology companies to reap the benefits of greater participation of women in the ICT sector.

The event Girls in ICT Day 2021, in its tenth edition, takes place on April 22 internationally and wants to bring the world of ICT closer to girls. It is held in more than 150 countries around the world and consists of all kinds of activities.

Once again, the Barcelona School of Telecommunications Engineering joins the commemorative events for this day, organizing a series of activities that will take place on April 22 in virtual format.


Girls in ICT Day 2021 Program: April 22

5:00 pm - Talk 'How a Telecos survives'.
A girl on telecos! ?? When did you decide to study telecoms? How was the first day? Were there more girls in classes? How did your first week in college end? Did you have teachers? How did the first year end? And the race?

5:30 pm - Participatory workshop in streaming

6:15 pm - Kahoot 'What do you know about ICT women?'
Participate in a kakooot that we have prepared to see what we know about ICT women, past, present and future.

6:30 pm - Presentation of the winning videos of the TikTok contest 'Let's celebrate ICT Girls' Day'.
Upload a video according to the rules of the TikTok competition 'Celebrate ICT Girls' Day' and win one of the prizes.

Registration form comming soon.


All events will take place virtually, through the Google Meet tool. No installation required for PC, although Chrome browser is recommended. Hangouts Meet is recommended for mobile and tablet.


One day before the day, you will receive the link for the connection to the activity.

Information will be expanded on each of the activities. You can contact