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Teaching laboratories

General Information

Experimentality is a fundamental part of the current Study Plans of the ETSETB, started in 1992. The teaching laboratories of the ETSETB are used for the practical teaching of both the Telecommunications Engineering and Electronic Engineering degrees . Most ETSETB subjects provide practical teaching in the School's 36 teaching laboratories. Laboratory teaching credits in all telecommunications and electronics degrees represent 42% of the total. Maintaining and improving the technological quality of these laboratories has always been a priority for the School's management teams.

It is worth saying that the experimental component has constituted one of the main differentiating elements of our School and has contributed decisively to maintaining the general recognition of the ETSETB as one of the most leading, innovative and most prestigious Schools at an international level.

It is worth noting that all students carry out practices in the teaching laboratories of the ETSETB around 250,000 hours of work per year.

The current value of the set of equipment is around €2,000,000, with an average annual investment for renovations and new acquisitions around €180,000.