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Streaming de la xerrada "Les Tecnologies de la Informació i la Comunicació a la UPC: un camí de futur", adreçada als estudiants d'ESO i batxillerat interessats en l'àmbit de les TIC
Divendres 6 d'abril, de 12 a 14 hores, segueix en directe l'streaming de la xerrada "Les Tecnologies de la Informació i la Comunicació a la UPC: un camí de futur", que tindrà lloc a la Sala d'Actes de l'edifici Vèrtex (obriu en finestra nova).
Ubicat a Esdeveniments / Històric anterior 2020
Talent at Work Barcelona UPC - Trobades amb directors de RR.HH, tallers i assessorament personalitzats. Apunta't!
Talent at Work es un proyecto dirigido a mejorar las competencias y la empleabilidad de jóvenes universitarios. El talento joven es imprescindible para el progreso ya que sus contribuciones impulsan el crecimiento de las organizaciones con su fuerza innovadora, su creatividad, su energía y entusiasmo. Las jornadas buscan por tanto ser un encuentro en el que profesionales de recursos humanos y empresarios ayudan a los jóvenes a comprender lo que hoy en día demanda el mercado, así como ofrecer una visión práctica del panorama laboral actual, información clave para conocer las oportunidades de trabajo reales.
Ubicat a Esdeveniments / Històric anterior 2020
Talk by Carlos Santín i Oriol Solà, Silicon Gears
The automotive world is currently witnessing a double revolution. Assisted driving systems, the electric car, and the introduction of Ethernet in cars will forever change the way we understand mobility. To make this reality, engineers are needed who both know the current technology and are also daring enough to reinvent and adapt it for a greater future.
Ubicat a Esdeveniments / Històric anterior 2020
Talk by Lorenzo Casaccia, Vice President of Technical Standards in Qualcomm
This seminar will focus on the recent creation of the 5G standard: its key technology attributes, its relevant to the industry, and its evolution path
Ubicat a Esdeveniments / Històric anterior 2020
Talk by Robert Sedgewick, Princeton University. A 21st Century Model for Disseminating Knowledge
In this talk, we describe a scalable model for teaching and learning that has already enabled us to reach millions of people around the world.
Ubicat a Esdeveniments / Històric anterior 2020
Talk: 'Toward Sustainability Education at UBC: Engineers and Others'
Toward Sustainability Education at University of British Columbia: Engineers and Others
Ubicat a Esdeveniments / Històric anterior 2020
Talk: Dr. Ashutosh Dutta - Security in SDN/NFV and 5G Networks-Opportunities and Challenges
Dr. Ashutosh Dutta, Director, Industry Outreach-IEEE Communications Society, IEEE 5G Initiative Founding Co-Chair and Senior Scientist JHU/APL (Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Lab).
Ubicat a Esdeveniments / Històric anterior 2020
Talk: Onion adventures: how to use onion services and the Tor network
Tor is an important tool providing privacy and anonymity online. The property of anonymity itself is more than just providing an encrypted connection between the source and the destination of a given conversation. There is in fact a lot of information that can still be learned by just observing encrypted communications.
Ubicat a Esdeveniments / Històric anterior 2020
Talk: Quantitative Methods in Sports: Evolution and Application - Sergi Oliva, Director of Analytics & Strategy at the Philadelphia 76ers
Abstract: Starting with Baseball in the 90s, quantitative methods have creeped their way into all levels of decision-making in professional sports organizations. Even though this evolution has taken different forms and speeds depending on the sport or league, most have shared several common themes: the incremental availability of richer data sources fueled by a growing interest in their potential, the challenge in communicating actionable insights to very successful and traditionally-minded industry leaders, and, nonetheless, the overall evolution of the conventional standards towards more analytically-oriented principles. In this talk, focused primarily but not exclusively in basketball, we will have a brief look at the early stages of the field, before discussing the growth in its data sources, the type of research that was made possible, the transformational effects of some of those results in creating new strategical standards, and the challenges of implementing quantitative-based insights into the day-to-day decision-making of a sports organization.
Ubicat a Esdeveniments / Històric anterior 2020
Talk: Real time bidding for digital advertising: the perfect ecosystem for machine learning
In this talk, Jordi de los Pinos, proud UPC alumn (ETSETB 93) and founder and CEO of Barcelona based Smadex (one of the worlds most advanced mobile advertising technology companies, recently sold to Entravision Corpooration in the USA). He will explain how Machine Learning plays a key role in his company, and how it is at the core of the next growth phase for Smadex and Entravision.
Ubicat a Esdeveniments / Històric anterior 2020