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Automotive Embedded Systems Course


Nowadays there is an evident evolution in the automotive sector towards vehicles that make an exhaustive use of electronic and communications technologies. Vehicles with all kinds of sensors and actuators (temperature, proximity, cameras, driving assistance, parking, ...), long and short range communications technologies (4G, 5G, RFID/NFC, WiFi, ...) and its associated services (Internet access, infotainment, teleoperation, ...) make driving more comfortable, reliable and safe. To provide vehicles with all these new functionalities, there are many companies, both national and international, which focus their efforts on the production of systems that allow vehicle factories to be at the vanguard in the market. These companies are currently an attractive destination for telecommunications and computer engineers with special interest in the development and programming of embedded systems.

This subject arises from the need to offer a first specialization for engineers who wish to guide their professional career towards the contribution in the development of these electronic communication systems. It has been designed in collaboration between research groups from different departments of the UPC and working groups of leading companies in the electronics sector for the automotive industry. Its contents include aspects related to embedded software development, real-time operating systems, communication buses and reference architectures. In addition, the processes related to the evaluation, verification, validation and functional safety of the developed software are studied. As a result, an interesting preliminary training is offered that allows graduates to enter with guaranteed success in this exciting industry.

Table of Contents

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Academic requirements

Automotive Embedded Systems is an 5-ECTS optional subject aimed at Master (MET, MEE, MIRI, MEI, ..) students.



FICOSA offers scholarships to do this subject. The amount of the scholarship includes at least the cost of enrollment to obtain a scolarship, a previous interview must be made in the FICOSA company. The granting and amount of the scholarships will be announced personally to the applicants. To apply for these grants, you must send your Curriculum Vitae by e-mail to the course coordinator Luis J. de la Cruz (luis.delacruz@upc.edu), by January 31st.

Teaching Team

The course will be given by professors from: