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Prices and grants (Masters)

General information. Prices 

The prices for enrollment and university services are set by the Catalonian government and the Social Council of the UPC. At the following link, you will find the information about these prices, as well as about the grants offered:

Enrollment prices for ETSETB Masters. 

1. Credit price (the normal amount of credits per semester is 30): 

1st  time
2nd time 3rd time 4th time and after Recognised credits
Master's degree
€34.17 €74.05 €102.52
Master's degree (non-residents, non-UE)
€41,05 €51,25 €111,07 €153,78
2. Other enrollment fees (not depending on the credits enrolled):


School insurance Learning support  
Management of academic records
 Enrollment changes   past the deadline
1,12 euros
(annual payment)
Semestral masters(c):
Semestral masters (c):



27,27 euros

Annual masters (d): 70 Annual masters(d):


(c) Semestral masters: Master in Electronic Engineering (MEE) and Master in Telecommunications Engineering (MET)
(d) Annual masters: Photonics, Cybersecurity

Voluntary prices


Fees for transcripts and other services

Diploma plus S.E.T. (European Suplement of the Diploma)
transcript of records
Checking of the transcript for recognition of subjects.

Grants and financial aid for master's degree students

As a master's degree student you can apply for Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (MECD) grants to cover credits enrolled for the first time and if your income and academic performance make you eligible. You can also apply for EQUITAT grants from Catalonian government, if you are a student of a qualifying master's degree.

Find out more about the grants and financial aid that the UPC and other public and private organisations offer (spanish)

Calls for financial aid for students with unfavorable situations that affect the payment of university tuition fees.

Financial aid to students with personal circumstances that have occurred (loss of job, embargoes, evictions or similar events), so that they can progress in their studies.

More information : Convocatòria a Pla d'Equitat UPC (in spanish)