Visiting Students

Visiting students are those who join an official course at the UPC to pursue part of their studies with academic effects and do not do so within the framework of any mobility program or any agreement that establishes free registration at the destination center.

The student who accesses UPC studies as a visiting student can study a maximum of 30 ECTS of the degree, since this is also the maximum number of credits that can be recognized in their transcript if the student is subsequently admitted as an official student in the same degree. While this does not happen, visiting students are not considered UPC students.

Students who are affected by the UPC's permanence regulations cannot be admitted as visitors.

The academic effects mentioned are the right to evaluation and the right to obtain a certification.

Application procedure

1. Download and fill the application form (English) and the personal data sheet (English)

2. Once filled, you must upload them, together with the necessary documentation specified in the application form, to the UPC Electronic Register choosing the following procedure: "Instància al Director/Directora, Degà/Degana per temes acadèmics".

Tutition fees

The financial regime to be applied to these students is regulated through an agreement of the Economic Commission of the Social Council for each academic year.

The tuition fee for visiting students will be calculated according to the number of credits to be taken. The price for the 2023/2024 academic year is:

  • 143,08 euro per credit for people who do not belong to the PDI or PAS collective, or Phd. Students in the UPC.
  • 34,55 euro per credit for people who belong to the PDI or PAS collective, or Phd. Students in the UPC.

Administrative services: Visiting students will not pay any amount for administrative services: tuition and academic record expenses, specific services, learning support, issuance of academic certifications and certificates or diplomas of the degree.

Regime of exemptions, bonuses and surcharges: The visiting students will not be subject to any surcharge for repetition of the subjects, nor to any of the exemptions and bonuses provided for in the Decree of the Generalitat de Catalunya by which the prices of the provision of academic services to public universities.

Regime of refund of the tuition fee: The refund of the tuition fee will be made in the cases defined in the corresponding section of the UPC budget.

Regulatory Framework

Academic Regulations for Undergraduate and Master's Degree Studies (NAGRAMA), article 1.4.2. Visiting students

Approval of Fees and Prices, article Economic regime of visiting students