Master Degrees: Recognition of credits for professional experience (only for MET and MEE masters degrees)

It is possible for recognition to be given to elective ECTS credits for duly accredited professional experience. The maximum number of recognized ECTS credits is : 10 ECTS for MET, 15 ECTS for MEE13 and 10 ECTS for MEE22.

The minimum number of ECTS credits that may be recognised is six credits for every 1,600 certified hours of work.This recognition is incompatible with curricular internships or if you have taken Introduction to Research subjects.

The master's degree evaluation committee evaluates the requests for recognition of credits for professional experience, that must be requested Credit acknowledgement for work and professional experience/ Sol·licitud de reconeixement de crèdits per experiència laboral” through the Electronic Register (SEU ELECTRÒNICA UPC).

Students should UPLOAD the "digitally signed" following documents in the SEU ELECTRÒNICA UPC:

-    Official Certificate issued  by  the  company  outlining  the  work  carried  out  by  the student.
-    Official Certificate (*) stating the period in which this work was carried out (specifying the total amount of hours).

(*) If you have worked in Spain the "Informe Vida Laboral" is mandatory.

Related regulation:

Normativa acadèmica dels màsters universitaris de l’Escola Tècnica Superior d'Enginyeria de Telecomunicació de Barcelona (ETSETB)

Academic Regulations for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees, section "Credit recognition for work and professional experience"