Prices and grants (Masters)

General information. Prices 

The prices for enrollment and university services are set by the Catalonian government and the Social Council of the UPC. At the following link, you will find the information about these prices, as well as about the grants offered.

Enrollment prices for ETSETB Masters ( Official digital fees, multilingual or in English, certificate downloadable by clicking this link)

1. Credit price (the normal amount of credits per semester is 30): 

The 2022-2023 academic year fees are expected to be applied in the course 2023-2024, but they can be subject to updating, with the publication of the price decree:

Fees applicable to the academic year 2022-2023 and "estimated for the academic year 2023-2024"60 ECTS credits 1 year full-time90 ECTS credits 1.5 years full-time120 ECTS credits 2 years
Qualifiying master's degree (MET) €1,107 €1,661 €2,215
NO qualifying master's degree €1,660 €2,490 €3,320
Qualifying master's degree (non-residents, non-UE) (MET) €2,593 €3,890 €5,187
NO qualifying master's degree (non-residents, non-UE) €4,150 €6,225 €8,300

2. Other enrollment fees (not depending on the credits enrolled):  There are other fees that students must pay, the main ones (current prices for the 2022-2023 academic year) are the following:

EnrolmentAcademic recordAcademic record 2nd semesterLearning supportLearning support 2nd semesterTOTALIssuing of the degree certificateDelivery
Semestral €54.54 €54.54 €35 €35 €179.08 €218.15 €30
Annual €69.80 -- €70 -- €139.80 €218.15 €30

Semestral masters: MEE, MATT, MET, MEF, CYBERS

Annual masters: Photonics

Fees for transcripts and other services

Diploma plus S.E.T. (European Suplement of the Diploma)
€ 218,15
Issuing of academic transcripts of records
€ 27.27
(per transcript)
Subjects added or dropped
€ 27.27
(per change)

Grants and financial aid for master's degree students

As a master's degree student you can apply for Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (MECD) grants to cover credits enrolled for the first time and if your income and academic performance make you eligible. You can also apply for EQUITAT grants from Catalonian government, if you are a student of a qualifying master's degree.

Options for students with a scholarship from the Ministerio de Educación who want to register a bachelor’s degree and a master's degree at the same time (only available in Catalan and Spanish).