Sponsorship and patronage methods

Sponsorship and patronage

The ETSETB (Telecom BCN)has as one of its priority objectives to connect the human capital of the university with that of the organizations that trust us, building together projects of research, innovation and a prestigious social image through the alliance university - company and at the same time able to respond to needs of social and ethical commitment.

This collaboration can be specified in:

Sponsorship: This is a tool for corporate communication, which is part of the communication policy of organizations, of its strategy and is an element of business management. In return the collaborating entity has a priveligiada situation and a greater visibility within the university community and a positive synergy with the association of brands is produced.

It can be sponsoring:


Donations:  Financial support provided to the university for the exercise of the activities for which it has been created, with no counterpart to the beneficiary entity. Its fiscal treatment provides deductions in corporation tax for legal entities (35% in the case of donations to universities, plus an additional 5% derived from the transitional provision 18 of the Law of Universities) or in the IRPF for physical persons (25% of the amount given). The donations are covered by article 20 of Law 49/2002).