Information Sessions

Are you thinking about your next step in your career? Which master should you choose?

  • The sessions will take place at Aula de Teleensenyament (1st floor, building B3) and you will also be able to assist virtually (by Google Meet).
  • All Master coordinators will present their master's programs and also answer your questions and doubts. In addition, academic administrative staff will be available to inform about administrative issues.
  • The next Masters' Informative Sessions will be held as soon as possible.


Master's degree in Advanced Telecommunication Technologies


     Video presentation (ENG)    

Master's degree in Electronic Engineering



Master's degree in


Video presentation (ENG)  

Master's degree in Physics Engineering


 Video presentation(ENG)

Master's degree
 in Photonics


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Other masters' we are involved in

Master's in the process of extinction

Master's degree in
Electronic Engineering 


Vídeo presentació   (ENG)



Master's degree in Electronic Engineering is n the process of extinction from the 2022-2023 academic year. The adaptation to the new Master in Electronic Engineering 90 ECTS configuration will take place after closing the Spring semester, so in July 2022.