Why study at the ETSETB

Discover the reasons that make us the best Telecommunications school in the country according to the rankings.

We are the first Telecommunications engineering school in Catalonia

The ETSETB (Telecos BCN) is the most experienced telecommunications school in Catalonia. Over 95% of the telecommunications engineers in Catalonia have graduated with us.


The ETSETB team is composed of professionals who work every day to maintain and improve the level of quality that has characterized us for over 50 years.

This team consists of 312 people dedicated to teaching and research, and 42 people dedicated to the administration of the School and its services. This allows the School to be well positioned in various national and international University rankings.


We prepare the leaders of the future

We provide the appropriate guidelines for continuous training, so that our students can face the globalized society with ethical responsibility, solidarity, and a commitment to the environment.


Our graduates have one of the lowest unemployment rates

Telecommunications studies provide access to the most in-demand professions and therefore have one of the lowest unemployment rates. The engineers from the UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia) are highly valued by the job market. (see La Vanguardia article).


Our students' mobility is one of the highest within the UPC

The ETSETB has established different agreements and collaborations with schools and companies at both national and international levels. These agreements allow a large number of students to carry out a stay at a national or foreign school in order to complete their Bachelor's or Master's thesis. Furthermore, through double degree agreements and by fulfilling a series of requirements, it is possible to obtain the degrees of engineer from the ETSETB and from the destination University.

The ETSETB is internationally recognized for its scientific production

The faculty of the School stands out for its production in cutting-edge research and technological innovation. This is true for the level and quality of publications in international journals, presentations at international conferences, participation in projects funded by the European Community, and the transfer of technology to industry. We offer the best training in the field of information, communication, and physics techniques and technologies, with a solid scientific, mathematical, and technological foundation that enables professional development upon graduation.


We offer the possibility of pursuing double degrees

Both at the UPC through the CFIS (Center for Interuniversity Higher Education) and at the international level, through agreements signed with other universities, the School offers you the possibility of pursuing two degrees simultaneously and obtaining two official titles.


We are located in a well-connected campus equipped with all necessary services

The North Campus of the UPC, which includes the ETSETB, has metro stops and numerous bus lines. The campus has a well-equipped library and offers the following services: banks, restaurants, optical services, reprography, WiFi network, study rooms, medical center, sports facilities, vending machines, accessibility for disabled individuals, university residence, etc.

The ETSETB is committed to the UPC's Plan for Equality of Opportunities, working along this line with the society it serves as well as its university community. In addition, it strengthens relationships with and between individuals, being the main asset of our University.


Paid internships in companies

We offer a wide range of paid internships in both curricular and extracurricular settings. You will be able to carry out your internships at collaborating entities, at the university itself, or even pursue international internships.