Gender perspective

One of our fundamental axes is "Commitment to the gender perspective"

The Barcelona School of Telecommunications Engineering is aware of the gender perspective inclusion in all its academic and cultural activities and also aims to promote ICT vocations among boys and especially primary school girls, secondary and high school.


We are aware that there is still a long way to go. Today there are still many stereotypes and many cultural attitudes that make it difficult for girls to choose a scientific or technological career. That is why we are very active in generating our own activities and participating in the activities initiated by the UPC, as well as other entities in the field of equality and the gender perspective. 

Alba Pagés in charge of UPC Equality Program


  • Imatge columna 1 fila 1

    Campaign against gender murder

  • Imatge columna 2 fila 1

    Campaign against micro-sexism

  • Imatge columna 3 fila 1

    International Women's Day

  • Imatge columna 1 fila 2

    International Girls in ICT Day

  • Imatge columna 3 fila 2

    International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women