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MASTERS. Preenrolment

Pre-enrolment process

The pre-enrolment process is the same for all UPC masters. It is explained at the following link:

Information about our masters places, price and contents:

Documents to upload

1. MET and MEE. Documents to upload:

    • If the previous studies are not taken at UPC:
      • Diploma entitling the applicant to enrol in the master's degree course. 
      • If the diploma is not issued in Spain or homologated to a Spanish diploma (which is not the same as legalized), you will need a document stating that the studies had a duration of, at least, three years and that the resulting qualification entitles the holder to pursue postgraduate studies (master's degree courses) in the issuing country. If that is not possible, it must indicate the level of higher education that the qualification entitles its holder to access. This document must be issued by the awarding university or institution or by the competent authority for such matters in the issuing country.
      • Academic certificate listing the subjects taken, the marks earned and the number of credits/hours of each one. If the subjects are not taken in Spain, this certificate must also explain the marking system used. 
    • If the applicant holds any additional qualifications in the field of the master's degree other than the one that qualifies him or her to enrol, he or she must provide documentary evidence thereof.
    • Accreditation of a Common European Framework English B2 level. The accreditation ways are at the following link, under the section “Admission Criteria”: MET (link) / MEE (link) ). If you don't have it by now, you can achieve it for the enrollment period.
    • Legalization of documents: For all documents issued outside the European Union, in case you upload normal copies, you should keep in mind that for your final registration, in July-September (in case you are admitted), you will be requested to provide legalized documents (except for the accreditation of English level, that does not need to be legalized).

2. Photonics. Documents to upload:


Deadlines Fall Semester 2018-2019 (to begin classes in September 2018):

  • Master's degree in Telecommunications Engineering (MET)  From 1 February to 10 July 2018.
  • Master's degree in Electronic Engineering (MEE)  From 1 February to 10 July  2018.
  • Master in Engineering Physics From 24 April to 7 September  2018.

 For any doubt, you may contact: 

Deadlines Spring Semester 2018-2019 (to begin classes in February 2019):

  • Master's degree in Telecommunications Engineering (MET).  From 15th October to 30 January 2019. 
  • Master's degree in Electronic Engineering (MEE).  From 15th October to 30 January 2019.


For any doubt, you may contact: 


FALL SEMESTER Admitted students list (2018-2019) to be published the 27th July 2018.

Once you have been admitted, you need to access again the pre-enrolment application and accept the admission, and then pay an the admission fee in advance of enrolment. Then, you will have to enrol. Information about enrolment is at the following link: Enrolment information (link).