To easily get involved in the Catalan life, we strongly recommend you to take Catalan and Spanish courses. Here are several interesting links:

UPC catalan courses

If you are new to UPC, the Language and Terminology Service offers you a range of services and products designed to help you to adapt to life in Barcelona, including language courses, a language exchange service, workshops on the Catalan way of life and cultural induction activities. You can read more here.

Online courses

The Institut Ramon Llull dedicated to languages provides this online courses.

Erasmus Intensive Language Course, EILC

If you are an Erasmus student, gain knowledge of Catalan language and culture by taking this intensive course, which is part of the European Lifelong Learning Programme. The course is held before classes begin and facilitates social, cultural and academic integration into the host country.

A university teaching phrasebook

This phrasebook for university classes is provided by the UPC