Welcome activities

There are three different welcomes that you are very recommended to attend:

Orientation Week (UPC) It includes an institutional welcome, information about legal procedures and about the main Services at UPC that can help students during their stay, introductory workshops "Just Arrived" to the Catalan language and culture, and also some visits to a few Barcelona’s museums. In case it is not online, you will have to register for it before a set deadline

Calendar. Sessions (you will know when it is published at the link above):

  • Autumn semester: First week of September. Registration to it (if needed) is until the beginning of July.

  • Spring Semester: First week of February. Registration to it (if needed) is until the beginning of January.

Welcome meeting (ETSETB)

 This meeting is offered for the ETSETB exchange students. At this meeting, the vice dean of International affairs will make a presentation of the school. Before the beginning of classes.


Last presentation documents:

Welcome Days of Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

The Erasmus student network is a network of voluntary students that help incoming students and plan different activities with them. Here you have information on them: