Physics Laboratories

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Lab Uses

A1 S01
230007 Electromagnetism (EM)
230907 Electromagnetism (EMG)

Lab Description

  • Laboratory A1 S101

The Physics laboratory is a common space for the centers located at Campus Nord. ETSETB has ten workstations for each subject.



Each workstation is equipped with the following basic instrumentation: 3½ digit digital multimeter, function generator, dual -beam oscilloscope, and power supply; in addition, one computer per workstation; one printer serves all workstations.

The necessary accessories to carry out the experiments, which have generally been designed and made in the same laboratory, are made available to the student at each work session; the additional material within their reach is strictly necessary.



  • Laboratory B4 001

The equipment consists of:

  • 12 student computers (4 computers per table, 3 tables).

  • 1 teacher computer

  • 1 projector

  • Operating system of the computers: Debian Jessie.

  • Computers with I3 processor and 8GB of RAM

Practices carried out in this laboratory include:

  • Computational Simulation of Condensed Matter, optional subject of GEF

  • Complexity in Biological Systems, optional subject of MEF

  • Stochastic Methods for Optimization and Simulation, optional subject of MEF

  • Computational Astrophysics, optional subject of MEF