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MASTER. Enrolment. New students

Deadline, documents and procedure


New master students will have to pre-enrol first. See the information at the following link: Pre-enrolment.  

Admitted students list  SPRING SEMESTER (2018-2019) to be published 25 January 2019

Enrolment SPRING Semester. Date and time

 New master students will enrol “in person” on the following days:

  • MEE / MET/  on the 12 February  2019

Master's Presentation session : 14  February (place and hour to be confirmed)

Beginning of classes: 18 February 2019


Admitted students list  FALL SEMESTER (2018-2019)

Enrolment FALL Semester. Date and time

 New master students will enrol “in person” on the following days:

  • MEE / MET/ PHOTONICS on the 6 September 2018

Please consult the published the admission lists with the information about the time of enrollment assigned to each student and his/her supervisor with his/her contact e-mails.

The order of registration for the new students of the masters of the ETSETB is based on the alphabetical order of those who have paid the advancement of €300 registration before the celebration of the CAM (13/7/2018). The order begins with the letter "G" as stated on the resolution GAH/86/2018, of 25 January, for selective processes of the year 2018.

Subjects to enroll: please read carefully the link below, especially if you want to take a double degree or a mobility stay in the second year, since MTP and the 3 intensification subjects must be passed during first and second semesters.

Students that present their bachelor final thesis after enrolment date can enrol later but the 31 October at the latest. once they have presented it and requested for the Bachelor diploma. These students must contact secretaria@etsetb.upc.edu, before enrolment date, to inform of this situation and determine the subjects they will follow.

 Read more about the enrolment information.

Enrolment place

Students will enrol in person on the 6 September :

First step a previous enrolment information session at Aula Teleensenyament (B3 Building) secondly required original documents delivery and then enrolment at the computers' room in the basement of building A3.

 Enrolment documents

Important : all students  must have paid the fees for the issuing of the Bachelor’s diploma. Otherwise they won’t be able to enroll.

You will have to submit ORIGINAL AND COPY OR AUTHENTICATED COPY of the following documents:

      • Photocopy of NIE or passport for non-Spanish students. Non-Spanish students will have to present a copy of their NIE as soon as they have it.
      • Documents about the previous studies. Original and copy or authenticated copy of the documents about the previous studies. See: Academic documentsNote that for studies coursed outside Spain that are not homologated to a Spanish degree, an additional document is needed. (The students previously graduated at UPC, although they don't need to submit the document of the degree, they must have paid the fees for the issuing of the diploma).
      • Legalization: All documents issued in countries that do not belong to the European Union must be stamped and legalised by the appropriate government. Legalisation can be presented at latest before the grading period. See legalization.
        Translation into Spanish or English. All documents that are not originally in Spanish or English must be officially translated into one of these languages.
        • Documents certifying the level of English demanded in the master. Information about each master here (for more possibilities of accreditation, you may contact secretaria@etsetb.upc.edu):
      • Supervisor's form (only MEE and Photonics). Before enrolment, student must contact his/her supervisor to have this form signed with the courses to enroll. The name and e-mail address of every student's supervisor will be at the list of admitted students that will be published the end of July.
      • Only for students that will pay by direct debit or in installments. If you are going to pay by direct debit or in instalments, you need to have a bank account of one of the SEPA countries (list of SEPA counries). Then, you will have to  access esecretaria; introduce your account number at "bank account" at left menu; print the SEPA order and submit it duly signed on enrollment date. You won't need this document if you are going to pay in one only payment (by Visa or Mastercard through e-secretaria or cash at one of the bank entities that will appear at the enrollment form).

Useful websites:

Take a look to these websites to get an idea of how to prepare your UPC stay:

  • ORIENTATION WEEK. UPC: UPC Orientation Weeks for international students: February 2019
  • There will be an Orientation Week (OW) for international students arriving to UPC in February 2019. It is addressed to students that will come to UPC for an exchange stay or for their full Masters programme.
  • There will be different editions of the same OW, in different dates. Choose the one that is more convenient for you! (According to the starting date of the semester in your host UPC school, your arrival date, etc.) Further details about the Orientation Week can be found in this website, following THIS LINK.
    Don't miss it! Register as soon as possible before 10th January 2019 through the online form.
    For any question or doubt, please do not hesitate to contact International Students Office (OMI):E-mail: oficina.mobilitat.internacional@upc.edu (please write "Orientation week" or "OW" in the e-mail subject). Phone: +34-93 401 69 37

Timetables, exams and regulations

Classes timetables, exams schedule and regulations are available at: Current course (link). 


The information about the prices is to be found at: Prices (link).

The credit price increases as the subject is repeated (the more times it is repeated the more the price increases).

Changes in your enrolment. Additional fees


        a) The Fall Semester period for changes ends on 24 September 2018

             (except Europhotonics that this period will end on 31 October 2018 )

         b) Spring Semester 18 February 2019.

The steps to follow are the following:


      1. Except for MET students, you will need a document signed by your supervisor (they are listed in the step previous to enrolment, at the beginning of this page).
      2. After having sent that document, you will have to do the request by esecretaria.upc.edu (procedures > related to enrollment > enrollment change). You may also come to the academic office in building B3 and we will do the change in person.

Only one change. You are allowed to do only one change request (unless a course ceases to be taught).

Additional fees. Changes after the deadline

If you do the change after the deadline fixed for enrolment changes, you must pay some additional prices.


  • The UPC regulations establish that the last day for modifications for the Autumn Semester period ends on 24 September 2018 and for the Spring semester the 18 February.
  • They establish as well that the deadline to request the withdraw of any subjects  is the 31 October  (Autumn semester) or the 31 of May  ( Spring Semester). No changes will be allowed beyond those deadlines and all the credits enrolled have to be paid on the established deadlines.

Reimbursement of fees

Reasons that give right to the reimbursement of fees after the deadline for enrollment changes

The reasons that justify reimbursement of fees are regulated by the UPC budget, which is available at the following link in Catalan: motius de devolució. They are basically: illness or accident of the student, changes for which the school is responsible and changes in the price of the fees (validation of courses in the same semester where they are enrolled, concession of a scholarship, etc.).

Reasons that do NOT give right to reimbursement after the deadline for enrollment changes

The following reasons do NOT justify the reimbursementof fees, and if they are not paid, payment will be claimed:
      1. Changes in working hours or starting a new job do NOT justify reimbursement of fees.
      2. Mistakes made by the student in their enrolment do NOT justify reimbursement of fees. 

Procedure to request reimbursement of fees

In order to request for reimbursement of fees, you have to fill in and sign a document in the Academic Office of Building B3. You will also have to submit official documents that demonstrate the reasons cited at your request (official certificate of illness or accident with the date where it started and the period of convalescence, etc.).

Deadline to do the request: In some cases, return is denied if the request is made after one month since registration date, or after some dates stated at the link above. You should do the request as soon as the circumstance takes place.

Compensation of money in the same semester

The price of the credits elliminated will compensate the price of other credits enrolled afterwards in the same semester. If the master is annual, it can be compensated in the same academic year. But remember that, if you do the change after the deadline fixed for enrolment changes, you must pay some additional prices.

Username and password and ICT services

When you accepted the admission to the master, you were assigned a username and password to do the payment in advance of enrollment (300 euros). This username and password gives you access to:

  • The electronic secretary (e-secretaria), which is necessary to do changes in your enrolment, request for certificates, etc.
  • The Virtual Campus Atenea.
  • The ICT services of ETSETB (Intranet, webmail, etc).
If you don't remember your creedentials, you can recover them at: https://identitatdigital.upc.edu/gcredencials/recupera-contrasenya

Masters Presentation  and begining of classes MEE+MET+PHOTONIC


Fall Semester Masters Presentation and beginning of classes


Presentation: September 12th 2018 at 13:00

Place: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona- Facultat de Ciencies - Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (Room A2)

Beginning of classes: September 12th 2018

See timetable at https://photonics.masters.upc.edu/en/copy_of_academic-year-2018-19


Presentation: 12  September at 11:00 – at the room: Sala de Teleensenyament (B3 Building)  Presentation by the masters' coodinators: Jordi Casademont ( MET)  and Isidro Martin (MEE).

Beginning of classes: September 13th 2018



Admitted students list  FALL SEMESTER (2018-2019)