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MASTER. Enrolment. New students

Deadline, documents and procedure (Academic management Calendar)


New master students will have to pre-enrol first. See the information at the following link: Pre-enrolment.

SPRING semester 2021-2022 Q2 - ON-LINE ENROLMENT

  • SPRING SEMESTER Admission official resolution: Admitted students list (2021-2022) to be published on January, 2022.

Master’s official resolutions SPRING SEMESTER :

Master's degree in Telecommunication Engineering (MET)

  1.     MET Resolution , MET Resolution addenda
  2.     MET Tutor, subjects and enrollment information
Master's degree in Advanced Telecommunication Technologies (MATT)
  1.     MATT Resolution
  2.     MATT Tutor, subjects and enrollment information

Master's degree in Electronic Engineering (MEE)

  1.     MEE Resolution
  2.     MEE Tutor and enrollment information

Master's degree Engineering Physics (MEF)

  1.     MEF Resolution
  2.     MEF Tutor, subjects and enrollment information


Master's degree Engineering Physics (MEF)February 4
Erasmus Mundus master's degree in Bio and Pharmaceutical Materials Science  (BIOPHAM) February 4
Master's degree in Advanced Telecommunication Technologies (MATT) February  9
Master's degree in Electronic Engineering (MEE) February  9
Master's degree in Telecommunication Engineering (MET) February  9
Beginning of classes: please consult : Calendaris Lectius
  • ENROLMENT INFORMATIONIt is important to open the following links and read them carefully; since they contain necessary information you need to know

Important: enrolment requirements:

We remind you that, even if you see in the e-secretaria an enrolment date (February 4 or February 9) doesn’t mean that the “SELFENROLMENT” (only activated on the exact enrollment day) is authorized for you , you will be allowed only if :

  • a) If your Bachelor degree was earned at UPC you will be authorized only if you have already paid the 218,15 € taxes for the Bachelor degree. Please check in the e-secreatria If your “Bachelor expedient” is CLOSED and your status TITULAT, in your case there is no need to upload any further  documents.
  •  b) For those students graduated in another University, different than the UPC; it is mandatory that you upload the CERTIFIED DIGITAL ACADEMIC DOCUMENTS (that include a verification code or link to be used on the website of the university to verify authenticity and content) in the “STUDENTS: admission pre-enrollment site (https://prisma-nou.upc.edu/apl/)

It’s mandatory that you  upload the CERTIFIED DIGITAL ACADEMIC DOCUMENTS (that include a verification code or link to be used on the website of the university to verify authenticity and content) in the “STUDENTS: admission pre-enrollment site (https://prisma-nou.upc.edu/apl/)
Please use the “students admission NOT E-SECRETARY” to upload this documents. Important: please log out e secretary and log in “STUDENTS: admission” to be able to upload this documents:

The mandatory requirements that will authorize you to enroll are:

  • Have accepted the place, have accessed correctly to the e-Secretaria and paid the 300 € fees.
  • Have correctly uploaded all the Certified digital academic documents (that include a verification code or link to be used on the website of the university to verify authenticity and content)DIGITALLY SIGNED Bachelor Transcript and Diploma required information in the pre-enrollment site (https://prisma-nou.upc.edu/apl/) and correctly legalized that prove that you earned your Bachelor degree:
  • If your Bachelor degree was earned at UPC you will be authorized only if you have already paid the 218,15 € taxes for the Bachelor degree Sol·licitar l'expedició del títol
  • If your Bachelor degree was earned at any other University: You must upload your digitally signed transcript of records and diploma (that include a verification code or link to be used on the website of the university to verify authenticity and content) or an official document that prove so to the application site (https://prisma-nou.upc.edu/apl/) so we can see that you have ended your degree. The diploma/documentation must be legalized and translated to English, Spanish or Catalan. Otherwise, you will not be able to enrol until you solve this situation. Exceptionally, and only if your University, doesn’t provide you these documents digitally signed you must submit ORIGINAL and COPY OR AUTHENTICATED COPY of the required documents as soon as you reach Barcelona and no later than February 28. Otherwise, your enrolment will be cancelled and you will lose all the rights to this master as well as all the fees paid. Please check how to reach us to hand us these documents in this link: PRIOR APPOINTMENT
  • Once you finish selecting the subjects, you must click on: “REGISTRAR PREMATRÍCULA (Register Preenrolment)" (it’s a button in the right side, either top or bottom). Once you click this button the answer is valid, but you can activate the questionnaire again and make changes until the deadline.
  • You can check the Schedule of the subjects at: Course Schedules (scroll down for Master's schedules).


Any doubts? Please contact ENROLMENT DOUBTS CHAT

Procedures, documentation and subjects to enrol (due to COVID-19 we switch enrolment to online mode, see: ENROLMENT GUIDE

Enrolment procedure

Subjects to enrol

Enrolment document

Masters' Welcome and ACADEMIC Presentation

February 16   In person at room:  TELEENSENYAMENT (B3-Building Ricardo Valle Sala 103 Planta 1) Registration to Welcome Session ETSETB Masters in person and also by MEET :we remind you that you need to access through your UPC student account:name.surname@estudiantat.upc.edu by the masters' coordinators: Marcos Postigo (MET + MATT) , Isidro Martin (MEE)

 We warn you that the master academic presentation could be some days later than the classes beginning. Please check the classes’ timetables: Current course (link). 


Timetables, exams and regulations

Classes timetables, exams schedule and regulations are available at: Current course (link). 

Prices and fees -New prices updated on July 27, 2021 (Spanish version)

The information about the prices is to be found at: Prices (link).

The credit price increases as the subject is repeated (the more times it is repeated the more the price increases).


        a) The Fall Semester period for changes ends on September according to the Academic Calendar

             (except Europhotonics, in which case this period ends on October )

        b) Spring Semester period for changes end on February according to the Academic Calendar.


      1. Except for MET students, you will need a document signed by your supervisor (they are listed in the step previous to enrolment, at the beginning of this page).
      2. After having sent that document, you will have to do the request by esecretaria.upc.edu (procedures > related to enrollment > enrollment change).

Only one change: You are allowed to do only one change request (unless a course ceases to be taught).

Additional fees. Changes after the deadline

If you do the change after the deadline fixed for enrolment changes, you must pay some additional prices.



  • The UPC regulations establish that the last day for modifications for the Autumn Semester period and for the Spring semester are depicted in the Calendar
  • They establish as well that the deadline to request the withdraw of any subjects  is the October 31 (Autumn semester) or March 31 (Spring Semester). No changes will be allowed beyond those deadlines and all the credits enrolled have to be paid on the established deadlines.

Reasons that give right to the reimbursement of fees after the deadline for enrollment changes

The reasons that justify reimbursement of fees are regulated by the UPC budget, which is available at the following link in Catalan: motius de devolució. They are basically: illness or accident of the student, changes for which the school is responsible and changes in the price of the fees (validation of courses in the same semester where they are enrolled, concession of a scholarship, etc.).

Reasons that do NOT give right to reimbursement after the deadline for enrollment changes

The following reasons do NOT justify the reimbursementof fees, and if they are not paid, payment will be claimed:
      1. Changes in working hours or starting a new job do NOT justify reimbursement of fees.
      2. Mistakes made by the student in their enrolment do NOT justify reimbursement of fees. 

Procedure to request reimbursement of fees

In order to request for reimbursement of fees, you have to fill in and sign a document in the Academic Office of Building B3. You will also have to submit official documents that demonstrate the reasons cited at your request (official certificate of illness or accident with the date where it started and the period of convalescence, etc.).

Deadline to do the request: In some cases, return is denied if the request is made after one month since registration date, or after some dates stated at the link above. You should do the request as soon as the circumstance takes place.

Compensation of money in the same semester

The price of the credits elliminated will compensate the price of other credits enrolled afterwards in the same semester. If the master is annual, it can be compensated in the same academic year. But remember that, if you do the change after the deadline fixed for enrolment changes, you must pay some additional prices.

Username, password and ICT services and useful websites

When you accepted the admission to the master, you were assigned a username and password to do the payment in advance of enrollment (300 euros). This username and password gives you access to:

  • The electronic secretary (e-secretaria), which is necessary to do changes in your enrolment, request for certificates, etc.
  • The Virtual Campus Atenea.
  • The ICT services of ETSETB (Intranet, student mail adress, etc).
If you don't remember your creedentials, you can recover them at: https://identitatdigital.upc.edu/gcredencials/recupera-contrasenya

Take a look to these websites to get an idea of how to prepare your UPC stay:

  • There will be an Orientation Week (OW) for international students arriving to UPC in February. It is addressed to students that will come to UPC for an exchange stay or for their full Masters programme.
  • There will be different editions of the same OW, in different dates. Choose the one that is more convenient for you! (According to the starting date of the semester in your host UPC school, your arrival date, etc.) Further details about the Orientation Week can be found in this website, following THIS LINK.
    Don't miss it! Register as soon as possible before July 10, 2019 through the online form.
    For any question or doubt, please do not hesitate to contact International Students Office (OMI):E-mail: oficina.mobilitat.internacional@upc.edu (please write "Orientation week" or "OW" in the e-mail subject). Phone: +34-93 401 69 37