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Sou a: Inici / Agenda / Històric anterior 2020 / Mobilitat: Presentació del Programa de Doble Titulació del màster MET amb Illinois Institute of Technology de Chicago (ACTIVITAT CANCEL·LADA)

Mobilitat: Presentació del Programa de Doble Titulació del màster MET amb Illinois Institute of Technology de Chicago (ACTIVITAT CANCEL·LADA)

23/10/2019 de 12:00 a 13:00
Sala d'Actes - edifici C2
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Presentació del programa de doble titulació de màster a càrrec de la Dr. V. Misquita Ph.D., Director of Overseas Programs, Office of International Affairs Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago

Adreçada als estudiants del Master in Telecommunications Engineering (MET) o de grau que vulguin realitzar aquest màster.

Meeting Room: Sala d’actes (Barcelona School of Civil Engineering)

Building: C2

More information


Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) -(S) (MET)

Location: Chicago (Illinois, USA)
Students' Liaison: ETSETB's Vice Dean of International Relations
State: Signed
Offered Masters Degree Programs:

-Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (32 c.h.)
-Master of Science in Computer Engineering (32 c.h.)
-Master of Biomedical Imaging & Signals (30 c.h.)
-Master of Network Engineering (30 c.h.)
-Master of Telecommunications & Software Engineering (30 c.h.)
-Master of Information Technology & Management (30 c.h.)
-Master of Cyber Forensics and Security (30 c.h.)
-Master of Information Technology and Management (30 c.h.)


For further information about the offered programs and their study programs, go to the next LINK(obriu en una finestra nova).

Entering period:  Fall/Spring
Requirements:  Courses: Bachelor Degree (240 ECTS) + 1st year Master MET at ETSETB (60 ECTS) + Compulsory courses and Research (6 months) at IIT (in total 64 ECTS)
 Before leaving:
- Two letters of recommendation. 
- Professional statement. 
- Certified transcripts in English/Catalan/Spanish. 
- Financial support form.
- Official TOEFL (90 ibt) or IELTS (6.5 or PTE - 63) scores must be sent directly to IIT Chicago, as well as the official GRE general scores as indicated at: admissions.iit.edu/graduate/apply/degree-seeking-checklist GRE).
- Those accepted who wish to complete the program in 12 months must inform their IIT academic adviser at their first meeting so that an appropiate schedule can be planned.
Deadlines: - Fall: Feb 15th. 
- Spring: Nov 15th.
Notification of Admission: Notification of acceptance will be mailed to students. All other documents needed will be sent as well.
Financial Responsability: - All ETSETB's students will be responsible for any fees not covered by scolarships or waivers (including, but no limited to, tuition fees, room and board, insurance, books, supplies and personal expenses. 
- All ETSETB students shall be required to participate in IIT's Student Health Plan, for the duration pf their enrollment at IIT.
Scolarships: Master of Engineering or Master of Information Technology & Management students may be eligible to receive a 9 ECTS tuition scolarship for two consecutives semesters. Those nominated for such scolarship must meet all admission requirements and must enroll for at least 24 ECTS in their program of study per semester. Scolarship cannot be renewed after the first year.

  *Note: Note: 1 c.h. (credit hours) = 2 ECTS