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Sou a: Inici / Agenda / Històric anterior 2020 / Talk: Onion adventures: how to use onion services and the Tor network

Talk: Onion adventures: how to use onion services and the Tor network

Tor is an important tool providing privacy and anonymity online. The property of anonymity itself is more than just providing an encrypted connection between the source and the destination of a given conversation. There is in fact a lot of information that can still be learned by just observing encrypted communications.
21/11/2018 de 11:15 a 12:45
Sala Multimèdia - Edifici B3 - Campus Nord
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Speaker: Silvia Puglisi, PhD. Working at the TORPROJECT.ORG

Date: November 21st at 11:15

(organized by the SISCOM Reseach Group, but open to PhD, Master and Degree students)



Anonymity is a broad concept, and it can mean different things to different groups. The main advertised property of the Tor network is that it provides strong anonymity given a variety of people using the network.

The Tor network itself is only a part of what Tor is. Tor also provides privacy at the application level through the Tor Browser.

Other applications can also make use of the Tor network to be more secure by using onion services. Onion Services provide better authentication and assurance of who you are talking to. In this case Tor can provide bi-directional anonymity by making it possible for users to hide their locations while offering various kinds of services, such as web publishing or an instant messaging server.