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Welcome meeting for incoming students

13/02/2017 de 11:00 a 13:00
Multimedia room (b3 building, close to Plaza Telecos)
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Welcome session for mobility students who will come in February 2017

    • Subject:  Telecom Barcelona School and the procedures to follow once at the school:
    • Date:  Monday 13 February 2017.
    • Hour:  11.00 a.m.
    • Location: Sala Multimèdia (B3 building) – Access: Plaza Telecos.

Enrollment issues and documents

Five days before the session you will be able to check  the courses enrolled, at the following link: https://esecretaria.upc.edu/ (enrollment > forms and payments) with the login and password you should have received by then from atic@upcnet.es.

Most of you have already done it, but, if not, we recommend you to make sure that the courses enrolled are given in a language you will be able to follow the lectures, and are overlap-free in lectures and exams. You will have the chance to modify your registration on the first days on your arrival.

In order to check scheduleshave the following links: https://infoteleco.upc.edu/documents/gdqpgt75.html. To use this tool, you must choose "primavera" at the pull down menu called "Curs/Semestre", write the code of the courses chosen at the box "Assignatura" (if any pop-up opens, just close it). In order to check exam dates, you have this link: http://etsetb.upc.edu/ca/estudis/curs-actual/horaris-aules-i-calendaris/calendari-dexamens (choose "primavera" of either grau-bachelor or master).
Administrative issues. Documents to deliver
To arrange administrative issues you must visit us at our International Relations Office (ground floor of building B3) upon your arrival. The required documents (if you haven’t sent them before) are the following:
  • Copy of your passport or ID Card
  • Copy of your European Health Card or International Medical Insurance
  • Your address during your stay in Barcelona and a phone number
  • Certificate of enrollment at your home institution
  • Certificate of your university confirming you are a Socrates-Erasmus program student or any accreditation letter from your home institution saying that you are an exchange student

Welcoming material, Catalan life, Buddy programme SALSA'M and accommodation

There is a UPC-wide office for international students. You can find there the welcoming material and you can also get information about the procedures that foreign people must comply while being in Spain, information about how to get your student’s stay card (for citizens who do not belong to E.U.) and about how to register at the Communitarian citizen’s register (for students belonging to E.U. countries).

To easily get involved in the Catalan life, we strongly recommend you to take a Catalan course. Here are several interesting links:

The UPC has a buddy programme, SALSA'M, to welcome students who come from abroad and help them to adapt to university life in Barcelona. Each participant is matched with a local student who provides academic, cultural and linguistic support. There are also group activities such as guided tours, sports activities and international dinners.
It’s a great chance for you to meet new people, make friends, practise languages and make the most of your stay here.
If you are interested in having a buddy and taking part in this programme please fill in the form by clicking the link below: http://www.upc.edu/slt/ca/formulari/international-students
Finally, If you haven’t found accommodation yet, you can consult these links:
  • http://www.upc.edu/sri/en/students/international-students/before-coming-to-upc/accommodation
  • http://www.upc.edu/learning/university-life/accommodation?set_language=e

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any doubt at the following address

Looking forward to seeing you in Barcelona,