MET Curriculum

Master MET offers 3 types of academic paths:


  • Academic path with double-degree (limited places): If you prefer maximum internationalization and another master degree, choose this option. You will have to enrol 45 compulsory ECTS credits, 15 ECTS credits from one intensification and 60 or 90 ECTS credits (that include the 20 ECTS of the thesis) at the foreign university.

Subjects are structured in different blocks:



Enrolment guide:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Students willing to take a double degree or a mobility stay should:

  • Take the intensification path.
  • Pass all core subjects + 3 intensification subjects before the mobility.
  • Should you have to enroll bridge courses during the first semester, set up a meeting with Vice-Dean Head of Master Studies ( to plan the enrolment for first and second semesters.

First semester (30 ECTS).

  1. All bridge subjects that have been assigned to you.

  2. Core subjects. Any of them except MTP.

  3. None or one elective/intensification/specialization subject. Any except IT and having into account these restrictions:

      • AFOC requires to simultaneously enrol TSYS.
      • AMC requires to simultaneously enrol TSYS.
      • QSN requires to simultaneously enrol CN and OVNET.
      • WAN requires to simultaneously enrol CN.

Second semester (30 ECTS): The rest of core subjects except MTP + intensification subjects + elective subjects. Without restrictions.

Third semester (30 ECTS): MTP + intensification subjects + elective subjects. Without restrictions.

Fourth semester (30 ECTS): Master's thesis.

In case that bridge subjects are required, these will be enrolled in first and second semesters depending on the subject availability and the academic profile of each applicant.

Students can make mobility stays of half or full year to choose among a great number of foreign universities. Usually, the period is the third semester and/or the master's thesis during the fourth semester.

In case that the student is taking a double degree or a mobility stay in the second year, MTP and the 3 intensification subjects must be passed during first and second semesters.


Internships in companies:

It is also possible to perform internships in companies. In the master's framework, these internships can be curricular equivalent to 15 elective ECTS, curricular to do the master's thesis or extracurricular (do not recognize credits).

The ETSETB has a long collaboration tradition with companies. In this link you may see the companies that have offered internships during the last years.