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Exchange programs

ETSETB has established different collective agreements and collaboration agreements with schools and companies from different European states and around the world.
These agreements allow about one hundred students making a stay in a foreign center or company each course.
In the case of companies and schools that have an agreement, the Final Project and Final Master's Work can be carried out.



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It consists of the completion of a period of studies in an institution of higher education in another European country. At the conclusion of this period, the institution of origin will recognize academically the studies carried out. The ERASMUS + program is open to the participation of the Member States of the European Union, as well as: Croatia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Norway and Turkey.

In order to participate, you must have citizenship from a country of the European Union, or, for non-EU students, have a valid residence permit in Spain; be enrolled in an official university degree signing the Erasmus University Charter and comply with the academic requirements established by the School.

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Eramus internships

Erasmus internships aims to the students of UPC that want to do research, company or college internships.

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UNITECH programme



The UNITECH mobility programme is aimed at high-achieving engineering students with a remarkable profile with abilities in leadership, proactivity, good communication and also with the ability to work as a team.

The UNITECH program requires an academic exchange and an internship; its estimated duration is one year.

Programme structure:

  1. - Academic exchange in one university of the UNITECH network: during the exchange, participants must combine technical subjects with economics and business subjects
  2. - Internship at one of the UNITECH companies
  3. - Three mandatory sessions of activities and workshops

To finish the UNITECH programme:

- Students must pass a minimum of 20 ECTS credits in the academic exchange

- The internship must equal a minimum of 30 ECTS credits (2.5 credits = 1 internship week, it means a minimum of 12 weeks of practice must be done)

- 30 ECTS credits that can be distributed between taking more credits at host university or increasing the internship period

- The programme also requires students to have passed a total of 20 ECTS credits in the field of management (economics, marketing, business, etc)

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In order to give the students the chance of taking part of their studies in a different Spanish university, Spanish universities that form CRUE have established a mobility program of students named “Sistema de Intercambio entre Centros Universitarios Españoles” (SICUE) (Exchange System between Spanish University Centers).

Students may apply for mobility according to the places offered, emerged from the bilateral agreements between universities. This are published every year at the end of January.

Applications are held manually between the months of January and February.

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Rest of the World (US, Latin America, China, Japan, Canada, Singapour)

Concurrently to the ERASMUS+ program, the Shool also offers to its students the possibility to sutdy in the US, Latin America, China, Japan, Canada, etc., through bilateral exchange agreements. These are exchange venues that for various reasons can not be included in the ERASMUS + offer.

These programs have no associated official economic aid from UPC, although in some countries the student can opt public and / or private entities economic aid. More information in the section of Scholarships and mobility aids.

Vulcanus Japan Program


Vulcanus in Japan started in 1997. The program consists of industrial placements for EU-qualified students. It starts in September and ends in August of the following year. The students follow:

  • a one week seminar on Japan,
  • a four-month intensive Japanese language course,
  • and then an eight-month traineeship in a Japanese company.

Currently the grant given is 14,500 euros to pay the trip and the daily expenses, the accommodation is free. The program is devoted to university students in the field of engineering or science, enrolled in a European university and from the fourth year or a postgraduate course.

When making the request, they will recommend that the documentation is sent from your University. Come and see us and we will prepare you the letter.

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National Institute of Informatics of Tokyo, Japan


Scholarships from the National Institute of Informatics Master's and PhD students, to make a stay of 2 to 6 months in Japan.

- The amount of the scholarship is 171,000 yen (1 400 euros approx.) Monthly plus accident insurance..
- The duration of the stay goes from 60 days up to 180 (including trips).

- To be a Master's or PhD student.
- Have a good academic record.
- Have a good level of English.

Procedure and documents requested
- English level accredition.
- Motivation letter in English (very important in the selection process).
- Application form, duly completed. You need to relate, at most, three research topics to choose from among the ones you will find in the list of Research topics and also include the curriculum vitae.
- Academic record of the degree that is being studied or of the last degree studied.
- Copy of the mail from a NII supervisor accepting to work with the candidate (at least attach an acceptance).

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International companies

There is the possibility of carrying out the project in a foreign company or research center. Here you can find the companies and vacants that are offered each course.

These programs have no official economic aid associated from the UPC, although the company or center usually provides a monthly financial compensation to the student.