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Procedures to follow by ETSETB outgoing mobility students and documents to submit before leaving, during the stay and at the end of the mobility, before returning.

A. Students of the Master's degree in Cybersecurity

If you are a studet of the Màster en Master's degree in Cybersecurity, you will find the procedure here: Procediment per als estudiants del Master's degree in Cybersecurity.


B. Students of the rest of study plans

For the students of the rest of study plans, the procedure is the following:

1. Obtain a mobility place

2. Request for the grant (if any)

If you have right to a grant, request for it within the deadlines. You may have to request for it long before the beginning of the stay. Information at Documents before leaving.


3. Manage learning agreement according to kind of stay


Double degree
(various stays)
The double degree is formed by several stays for studies


IMPORTANT IF  YOU RESIGN: In case you resign to your mobility, you have to do it through your e-secretaria (procedures > requests) before the end of the application deadline. Resignations have to be justified. See section 6 (enrolment), for annual enrolments.

4. Activate your digital signature (DNIe)

If you don't have any certificate of digital signature, you can activate the one of your electronic ID (DNIe). There is a machine in every office of the policia nacional (you don't need a prior appointment)

If your keyboard does not have a slot to pass your document through it, you will need an ID reader, that you can buy in any computer store and in many other shops.

See the sections "cambiar PIN", "verificar que funciona" and "Qué hace falta para utilizarlo" of the following link:

5. Follow procedure according to what you will do at destination

Double degree You have to enrol each semester

6. Enrol at UPC (compulsory insurance)

Enrol at UPC before the beginning of the stay, after doing the steps previous to enrolment. See step 4 to know what you must do to enrol.

Oncampus insurance. You must be insured with Oncampus estudia before leaving. There are two options: either the insurance will be charged in your enrolment fees or, if you leave before enrolment or go to USA or Canada, you will have to do what is explained at Documents before leaving (under the title: "Compulsory exchange insurance").

Refund of the compulsory insurance may not be given if you resign after enrolment (see section 3 about resigning deadline). In case of annual enrolment and mobility in spring semester, the insurance is paid in the semester of fall enrolment.

7. Submit documents to UPC